Week 1 | Project Proposal

September 12, 2017

This is officially the first week of my last semester at IDM. I met with our Thesis Faculty, Dr. Kate Sicchio, to go over my summer updates and thoughts on my thesis project. During our meeting, I was able to clarify a few "myths" on how a thesis project should be and there are...

  • I must build something digitally? FALSE. I can either choose to make something (i.e. product) or come up with a framework (i.e. new system).

  • If I choose to build something, I have to do it all by myself? FALSE. I can get help to build out a complete product if I choose to build.  

  • Since this is an integrated digital media program, my final outcome must be related to digital? YES, of course. 

In addition to these mythbusters, I also had an extremely valuable takeaway - that is - "A good thesis topic will not solve everything. A good thesis topic will open up more questions indeed!" 


With all these project clarifications in mind, here's the project proposal I will be sharing with my classmates tonight. 


Tomorrow, I will be meeting with my Thesis Project Advisor, Dr. Matthew Hockenberry! Will post more notes after. Stay tuned. 


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