Week 3 | Natural User Interface

September 21, 2017

In an attempt to explore what digital medium (or tool) would be most suitable for the problem that I'm trying to solve, I decided to research more on human-computer interaction. 


There are many different digital devices out there today that aims to bring our user experience to the next level. The rise of emerging technology brings people a different perspective of the space but some, if not many, seem to be designed without human-factor in mind. For instance, I have always had trouble with the concept of a VR headset. I own one but I don't use it. It feels tedious to put a headset on in order to experience a virtual world. 


With that being said, I want to design with human factors in mind. I came across an interesting term called Natural User Interface and here is the video on how Bill Buxton explains what Natural User Interface means.


Essentially, Buxton used a small writing experiment to illustrate how human naturally interact with objects. "We have to understand the activity, the intent, the human capacity at this level. Whether the capacity is the motor sensory level, at the cognitive level, or the social level", he said. This is a very important finding for my research as I've been been saying I want to design with human in mind, so now I can look into various topics in human factor, such as cognitive load. 





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