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Week4 | Outline

During class today, we conducted peer review for each other's outline. It was a very useful session because any one-on-one is always more helpful than a group-setting, it gives people the chance to interact and give more in-depth feedback!

I did my peer review with Mattie who has always given me (and all of our classmates indeed) great feedbacks during presentations. As I walked her through my outline, she said "now everything makes more sense". My project proposal has a lot of "gaps" to be filled but my outline seems to tie them all together.

To summarize some points that I clarified with Mattie, here are some main focus on my project.

  • My aim for the project is to help young adults gain financial literacy. The type of knowledge I want them to have is not just numbers and texts but a life skill that will enhance their quality of life.

  • I chose humanized interaction because many of us feel intimidated to interact with our own financial life. Money isn't just about the number but it's part of our life, so I want to design the most natural interaction that will help people adapt to it easily.

  • The content of the design is also going to be integrated with our daily lives. I want to translate financial literacy into our day-to-day life. With all the "dry and boring" financial literacy information out there today (they are useful but not pleasant to digest), I want to figure out a way of feeding the information to my target audience without them knowing OR integrate with current news and let them know how this current event will affect their life. The bottomline is, I want to make it easier for people to gain such essential life skill.

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