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Week 7 | More Research + Testing Begins

This past week was yet another fulfilling week. I did more research and began testing.

Here's the research part

Thoughts on 10/11/17 UX+Data Meetup: Designing for Intelligent Cognitive Product

  • When designing with AI, we should take into account of what type of AI, what type of capability, and what type of "smartness" we want our product to be.

  • The value from industrial revolution is the capability of reducing physical work for mankind; the value from information revolution is the capability of reducing uncertainties for mankind; what will be the next revolution?

  • As UX designer, we research and learned from user insights, then we design based on the data we gathered. When AI is powerful enough, computer will do the analysis for us. What is next?

  • these questions are raised and I believe simply means that we need to come up with ethical and responsible design!

Thoughts on 10/16/17 HUI Meetup: Humanizing Smart Clothing and Super-Human Intelligence (the meetup focused on biometrical data but certainly got some useful insights on how to design with AI)

  • AI is very much big-data-driven UX now

  • Context is everything: it's about delivering the information when you need it

  • Tracking internal context (aka emotion) will help us design better

  • Ethical issue is one of the biggest challenges because we don't know where data is going and such internal/personal data needs to be monitored in a safe place!

Interesting Finding on 10/17/17 Visit to NYU Federal Credit Union (a step-by-step user journey that captures the disappointing experience that I had)

  • I walked in asking if they have any resources for personal finance management and/or a financial advisor I can speak to.

  • Receptionist was unable to answer anything, all he said was to check out the website or email I then asked again is there's anything else?

  • Then momentarily later, the receptionist recalled the only service close to "personal finance" is a service provided by Rico on Investing since 2 weeks ago (which I never received the email). But he also stressed that the service is for people who have money to invest.

  • The manager-looking woman came out as the receptionist seemed to have a hard time answering my question and she then suggested that I could try to contact Mira who will help me do a financial check-up and consolidate my loans (the assumption she made)

  • Overall experience was bad and I didn't get the support I was looking forward to. I'd imagine if for students to come in and asked a question, the moment the receptionist said check online, most students would not have had followup questions like the ones I had. Interestingly enough, both Wasserman and Student Link suggested to check with local banks or credit unions as they are financial institutions, so they should have more resources, but do they?

Interesting Finding on 10/17/17 Appointment with NYU Wellness Counselor

  • The point of wellness counseling is to help students with their values and emotions, so counselors don't give any financial advice

  • They do have "adulting program" which is for graduating seniors to get prepared for the real world BUT since I'm a grad student, so I'm not allowed to join.

  • I did as ask the counselor to see if I can get in touch with the program organizer, so stay tuned.

Here's the testing part

Concept Testing on 10/12/17

  • During this round of testing, I did guerilla testing where I simply walked up to people in library, makerspace, and cafes around NYU's main campus and Tandon campus to get feedback on the prototype as well as some basic questions on their knowledge in personal finance.

  • The result aligned with my hypothesis before going in...

  • An average score of 5/10 in personal financial knowledge confidence

  • Debt and budgeting are the most common concerns

  • 80% of people are interested in learning about investing

  • 70% people go to family for financial advice

  • No one knew about the existence of iGrad

  • Feedback on Hannah (the virtual financial coach) was - if it's free, efficient, and trustworthy source, people would be interested in using it.

User Study + Prototype Testing on 10/17/17

  • I did 3 round of testing today and more to come in the upcoming days. I haven't had a chance to synthesize the finding but so far I've gotten really great data. Stay tuned for next week's post where I will post the summary of my testing.

In addition to all the research and testing I've done this week. I also read about this great article about how to design for financial service product. Essentially, habit-forming product is what we need when it comes to finance. For example, has a weekly recap feature. We need to be reminded to upkeep good financial behaviors. Once again, this aligns with what I want to do with my virtual financial coach project!

Lastly, I have heard so much about HER since I started this project. Whether it's a mentor or a meetup I've been to, everyone seemed to be talking about this movie as a way to indicate how AI is going to be incorporated in our design in the future. I have to find a way to rent this movie this weekend.

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