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Week 15 | Thank You

Today is the last day I will be posting here. My paper corrections have been accepted and I'm off to print and bind them today. Before I wrap up this blog, I wanted to thank all of the people that have supported my throughout this journey (too many to be listed here). I also would like to give special thanks to people who have brainstormed my project with me along the way (see the names below). Lastly, I would like to dedicate this project to my late grandmother, Man Chao-Wei (1938 - 2017).

Special thanks to these industry professionals that supported me throughout this project --

Andrea Bonney-Gould, Andy Tan, Anne-Laure Fayard, Beth Rosenberg, Camillia Matuk, Dana Karwas, De Angela Duff, Elana Blinder, Elizabeth Mcenaney, Flora Richter, Gabriella Cammarata, Jason Pryslak, Kate Sicchio, Katherine Bennett, Lee-Sean Huang, Matthew Hockenberry, Rajesh Bilimoria, Raymond Lutzky, and Roy Freedman.

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