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Week 2 | Focus

After last week's project proposal, I met with my thesis advisor, Matthew, the following day for our bi-weekly catchup. As there were mixed feedbacks from my peers and I wanted to make sure I stay focused.

Some extremely useful tips from Matthew that I'm going to pin here to remind myself when in doubt next time include

  • What is it that I want to show?

  • If there has NOT been enough research been done in the space (i.e. new technology), I should do comparative analysis.

  • Design with users in mind by creating use cases!

  • Design principle vs. Design Techniques

My next steps include doing some comparative analysis as well as researching on design principles and techniques I will want to incorporate in my prototypes. I also plan to work on an outline or perhaps a checklist so I can keep on track of things. Lastly, I set up an one-on-one meeting with Liz in two weeks, so I definitely want to refine my idea before that.

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